Our Commitment to Quality

In order to comply with international standards and ensure optimal implementation of quality procedures, Nigerian Ropes PLC has based her organisation and administration on Total Quality Management principles. To ensure customer satisfaction, the company has comprehensive quality testing procedures in place which are documented. The full product traceability is in place and the certificates that accompany all products emanating from her factory.

The company laboratory is equipped with modern strength test equipment needed to ascertain manufactured rope quality. The raw materials used by Nigerian Ropes PLC including wires, webbing, fittings and textile yarns are sourced from reputable suppliers. Nigerian Ropes PLC is certified by Lloyd’s register EMEA and the Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON). Presently, all her products are registered with Standards Organisation of Nigeria with the following MANCAP registration numbers:

*NO.ME-530 *NO-TL:925
*NO.ME-531 *NO-TL:926
*NO.TL -924 *NO-TL:1378

Nigerian Ropes PLC is upgrading to ISO 9001:2015. Our strength lies in our ability to leverage on over fifty (50) years of experience in maintaining high quality products, which compete favourably with foreign counterparts.


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